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$100 Club
What is this?
The $100 Club is a capital-raising plan designed to insure the long term viability and continued influence of Primary and Secondary Adventist Education for generations to come.

Why do we need this?
The cost of private, Christian education continues to rise. For example four years of high school costs over $40,000. The $100 CLUB will enable our school to continue to grow in enrollment because funds will be available to assist parents with the costs.

The $100 CLUB will also provide capital funds for improvements necessary to keep EAS current with technology and facilities that exemplify a high level of excellence.

How does it work?
The $100 CLUB is based on "Many Hands Make Light Work." Our goal is to assemble at least 200 donors. As they give to this fund regularly, the account will grow and significantly benefit the students of El Dorado Adventist School.

How do I get involved?
We want you to be part of something very special. Our intention is to sign up contributors for monthly, automatic donations of $100.00. Some of you may wish to give more, some less. Let's look at the math. Two hundred monthly contributors @ $100 per month will bring $240,000 per year to EAS. That would be great!

What's in it for me?
Our Charter 200 (First 200 Donors) will have a brick engraved with their name that will be a visible part of our school campus. Moreover they will get quarterly updates letting them know how EAS is changing the lives of young people and developing them for lifelong service to Jesus Christ. Last, but not least, they will receive the satisfaction of knowing that they have made a significant impact in the lives of young people.

Thanks for joining us as we change the lives of the young people of El Dorado county.

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